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Upcoming Performances

Inhuman Voices

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 8:00 pm

Inhuman Voices will reveal operatic glimpses into the unholy "lives" of ghosts, witches, zombies, and mythical beasts!

WholeTone Opera is kicking off fundraising efforts with an uproarious howl, gearing up for our Halloween 2017 production of The Werewolf.
This October we'll be putting on a fiercely queer English adaptation of Louise Bertin's 1827 opera, "Le Loup-garou", with new music composed by Molly Preston, libretto by Jaie Deschene and Teri Kowiak, set design by Helen McCarthy, and costumes by Emily Rosser.
​ Let us offer you our infernal- ahem! eternal- thanks for your contribution to fresh, femme-composed opera, in the form of a concert full of wonders and horrors.

Guest vocalists include Sara Haugland, Nora Maynard, Teri Kowiak, Jeila Irdmusa, Tim Aryes-Kerr, Liz Clutts, and E. Rosser, with pianist Daniel Padgett. And Mary Parker as make-up consultant with lighting by Ida Aronson.

Please join the artists for a post-concert reception to share grim tales of lore and learn more about WholeTone Opera's next enticing production!

Texts and Translations

Child of The Moon

Saturday, July 22nd - 8:00pm

In anticipation of WholeTone Opera’s upcoming October production of Bertin’s The Werewolf, join us for an evening of sultry song featuring the moon! With guest artists, Sara Haugland, Nora Maynard, Teri Kowiak, Jeula Irdmusa and J. Deschene.

Le Loup Garou: The Werewolf

Composed By:
Louis Bertin

New Score By:
Molly Preston

English Libretto By:
J. Deschene and Teri Kowiak

Halloween 2017
At the Rockwell in Davis Square

Friday 10/20 Opening Night! 7pm

Saturday 10/21 Come in costume late night showing 10pm

Sunday 10/22 Matinee 1pm

Friday 10/27 7pm

Saturday 10/28 Come in costume late night showing 10pm

Sunday 10/29 Matinee 1pm